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Rajshahi Ad

Welcome to Rajshahi Ad. We are committed to your service. Here you found the news of Rajshahi mess, restaurants, ambulance, educational institutions, community centers, silk showroom, gym, super shops, residential hotels etc...

MPI Auction Archvie

Regularly,MPI Auction Archive has salvage vehicles and items that we sell to the public. Last MPI Auction Archive Cars Photo gallery with its lebel, Make,model,status,distance & price of auction cars include in database.

BD Docs

logo SPECIALIST DOCTORS We have doctors who have completed advanced education & specialist in clinical training in a specific area of medicine.Now They are more professiona and carefullly treat your with proper observation.

Blue Hills IT Service

``In the world of rapid development and with the advancement of technology, IT service consultation and solutions require an ensured and consistent implementation of quality ideas. Focusing on loyalty and client satisfaction, Blue Hills IT Service is a developing company working to connect to the respected consumers with intelligence and innovative adaptation. ``

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For making the accessibility to a user interface of a web databases quick and easy,the team of committed individuals are currently dealing with a wide range of data entry related tasks.

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Office 1: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.
Office 2: Rajshahi, Bangladesh.